I Believe

This page is a work in progress.  The intent is to, over a period of time, to provide an orderly, rational, coherent account of my beliefs; my own personal systematic theology.  This exercise will be good for me, helping to solidify my beliefs and ensure that they make a coherent whole.  My prayer is that they will also be useful to others who might take the time to read these posts as they come on-line, or discover them later.  Please feel free to comment, especially if you find any inconsistencies.
  • I Believe in a Creator: That the universe is the product of an intelligent creator makes more sense than any other alternative.
  • The Nature of the Creator: What can we know about a universe creator from the creation itself.
  • The Nature of Creation: Is the creation real and knowable?  And if so, what can we know about it, including its age, size and the origin of life?
  • The Bible: Inspired and Authoritative: I do believe the Bible is inspired by God, that the New Testament is authoritative in matters of faith, but that it is not inerrant.
  • God's Purpose in Creation: I do believe that the creation was not just for the amusement of the creator, but that he has a purpose for it that will outlast the creation.
  • What God Is Like: Some thoughts on the nature and mystery of God.
  • Hope: The hope that we have in Christ is more than a wish.  It is a confident expectation that should sustain and motivate me now.

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