Apologetics is really a spiritual discipline; providing a defense for your faith.  All believers should be able to explain to those who inquire, why they believe what they do.  The posts below are my attempts at that, and will hopefully be useful to others.

In Defense of Your Faith

This will be an ongoing series that will attempt to logically cover the primary areas of concern in Christian Apologetics.  These posts come from my notes that were the basis for the apologetics classes I have taught in the church I belong to.


  • God: What I believe about who God is.
  • Why God?:  Why I still believe in God
  • What If There Were No God?: Just some thoughts about what our world might be like without belief in God.
  • How Big is God?:  Have you ever stopped to think about how big a universe creator must be?

The Bible

  • The Bible and Science: Are they really at odds with each other?
  • About the Gospels:  Thoughts on the authorship and dating of the New Testament Gospels.
  • Copying the New Testament: A brief look into the issue of errors introduced into the New Testament as it is copied over the first few centuries, and how they are fixed.




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