Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year's Resolution for 2014

I am not generally one who makes New Year's resolutions.  In part because I don't see much purpose in it, and because, at least for me, they are quickly forgotten.  But I have been thinking about making some for 2014, and this time trying to keep them front and center and active.

I thought about making a resolution to run 1000 miles, hit 1:50 in a half marathon and run another full marathon in 2014.  I also thought about resolving to hike at least 600 miles on the PCT this year.  But while both of those are things I would like to do, and may well do, they did not seem to be the stuff of New Year's resolutions.  They are things I want to do, so it would be kind of like resolving to have a good time at Disney Land.  And besides, would running 1000 miles make me any better of a person than if I only ran 750 miles again?  Probably not.

I also considered resolving to love God more.  Or love my wife more.  Or being a better church member in 2014.  Or reducing the amount of clutter around my house.  All of those are good things, and I hope to do them.  But I am unsure how to measure them to see if I had accomplished my goal.  Try putting a number on how much you love your spouse, say 93%, and then target loving her 95% by the end of the year.  Does that even mean anything?

At this time in my life, what I want more than anything is to be useful to God.  I have spent the past year and a half slowly coming out of a long dry spell spiritually.  And it leaves me craving even more to develop a more faithful walk with God, my Lord and creator.  I know it will not happen quickly or easily, because I am way too stubborn to let go of self easily.  But it does point me to a resolution.

I wrote a blog last week, Showing Visible Progress in the Faith, that includes the heart of my resolution for 2014.  I want to be so faithful in obeying God's direction that other people around me will notice a change in my life this year.  I don't want to be the same old Ed come 2015.  Instead, I want to strive for godliness, and to be an example to people I encounter.

So how do I know if I have managed to successfully keep this resolution?  I will certainly know if I have drawn closer to God, and have been more willing to listen and obey.  But the bigger indication will come from you.  Can you see the progress?  If so, please let me know.  If not, I need to know.  Negative feedback may be painful, but it is necessary.  Help me to become a more faithful servant of Jesus Christ in 2014.

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