Friday, February 22, 2013

Turning 60

Today is the annual remembrance of a most auspicious event; my birth.  60 years ago today my parents welcomed me into the world, and into their lives.  There have been many noteworthy events in the world in the 60 years since then, but none so significant; at least to me :)

My early years were filled with change.  In the first 30 years I lived 21 places; owned 5 cars; underwent tremendous physical change; worked 7 places; attended 9 different churches; and welcomed two siblings into the world.  In the last 30 years I have lived 2 places; owned 2 cars; experienced only gradual physical change; worked in one location; served in 2 churches; had 1 wife and 2 kids.  I wonder what the next 30 years will hold?

While I have only been 60 for a few hours, the signs of aging are unmistakable:  I have lost both parents; I have survived a bout with cancer; I am currently fighting a minor heart aliment; my hands are wrinklier than I remember; the ground has become harder and further away; I have retired; I get senior discounts in many places; I am spammed by AARP; and my children have a life of their own.

But I enjoy relatively good health and physical fitness; hope to be able to run again soon; plan on hiking 600+ miles this year; love my wife and enjoy the time I have with her; enjoy watching my children make a life of their own; enjoy the time and freedom that retirement brings; and enjoy the increased opportunity to serve in my church and association.

I have no doubt that challenging times lie ahead.  But I also have no doubt that I will not face them alone.  With God before me, my wife beside me, and family and friends around me; I look forward to the days to come and hope to make the most of them.

God is good!  I have been truly blessed in these past 60 years. And I look forward to the coming years; embracing them with open arms.


  1. Happy Birthday! You and George Washington, huh? That IS auspicious!

    I'm going to finish my first 30 next February.

  2. Sometimes we have to come against a situation where we have no choice to get us up and out of ourselves. I had a bout with depression nine years ago. And was just whipped physically. Then Pete had trouble working, and I had to step up to the plate and get a part time job. Hurricane Rita came and went, Pete became unable to work at all. And Necessity was the tool the Lord used to get me back in the game of living. - BArbara
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. I am glad you are back. Having a positive outlook on life is so important.