Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And God Said

In the beginning - God,
     and nothing else!
And God said,
     "Let there be!"
And a universe began to unfold.

And the universe was hot,
     and without form.
And it unrolled and cooled,
     and began to take shape.

Atoms were formed,
     and gravity began its work.
Stars began to burn,
     and galaxies came into being.

Planets formed around stars,
     and they cooled and became stable.
And God said,
     "Let there be life!"
And life began to unfold in all its wonder.

And on earth - Man,
     and all was good.
And man said,
     "I am god!"
And God was forgotten.

But God did not forget,
     or lose sight of his purpose.
And God said,
     "Whosoever believes!"
And all who did became his.

And the universe cooled,
     and it came to an end.
But all who had believed,
     continued with Him.

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