Saturday, October 20, 2012

An Annual Get Together

I spent most of the day today attending the annual meeting of the churches of the Olympic Baptist Association (OBA) at Clear Creek Baptist in Silverdale.  We had 52 members from 14 churches and 4 representatives from outside the Association in attendance and had a good time, at least I think we did.

There are several reasons I enjoyed attending this meeting.  Maybe the biggest, at least for me, is the opportunity to visit with so many believers from our associating churches.  As the Ambassador I have the privilege to travel to all of our churches, and visit with them, at least once a year.  But it is still nice to get them all together in one place and catch up on what is happening around the Olympic peninsula.  We have a great group of pastors and leaders serving in each of the churches.

I also enjoy the reports that are made during the meeting.  We have some pretty cool opportunities for service within the OBA, and this is a chance for us to hear about what has gone on over the last year, as well as to get a glimpse of the upcoming opportunities for the next year.

I enjoy the worship.  The old hymns were especially powerful today, and I think I saw a few lights shaking.  The special music, and the accompanying testimony were meaningful.  And the challenge to stand firm from the 6th chapter of Ephesians was timely.

All in all it was a great day.  I look forward to the coming year for the OBA, working with each of you.  And I offer my thanks to our host church today.  The hospitality and meal were wonderful.

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