Friday, June 29, 2012

What If Everyone Did What Was Right?

I was reading a book that got me to thinking about what our world would be like if everyone would get their act together and start always doing what was right.  I realize that this is just a fantasy.  And I also realize that 'doing what is right' will likely mean something different to me than it might mean to you.  For some 'doing what is right' may well mean doing what will get me the best deal, regardless the cost to others.  But for my purposes, 'doing what is right' is going to mean that I do what is best for humanity as a whole, rather than just myself.  Of course there will be some disagreement even with how that might be interpreted.  But since this is my fantasy, I am going to go with what I think best.

One of the first things that comes to my mind is that there would be no need of police and military or courts, lawyers and jails.  After all, what are these for but to settle disputes and to prevent people from doing wrong whether at the individual or state level.

So what about employment?  If universally employees did right by their employer, and employers did right by their employees, is it possible that we could get more people to work.  And what would that do to unions and state & federal regulators.  Maybe costs would go down and quality would go up.  Just speculation on my part, but maybe.

If everyone did what was right, how much need would there be for social services.  I suspect there will always be some call for a safety net.  But things like CPS would go away.  Welfare would probably be seriously reduced with people taking care of each other and with a fully employed society.  Malpractice would be non-existent, reducing the cost of health care.

Education would benefit from having better funding, since so many other services would no longer be needed.  And rather than having to motivate kids to learn, and teachers to teach, we would have classrooms of students wanting to learn and all of our teachers would be giving their best.

So much of government is currently devoted to areas that would be unneeded if everyone did what was right.  Governments could likely be reduced to something much smaller, and more responsive, than they currently are.  What would it be like if our government officials really worked for us, rather than seeking to advance themselves.  Yes, I understand that some do this, but many seem not to.

What about the entertainment industry?  Would it be any different if everyone did what is right?  It's hard to believe that most of the movies & shows we currently have would exist if there were no murders, bank robberies, wars or other crime.

Morality is a challenging topic for this discussion, but at the very least we would not have people causing harm to other people.

It would seem like there would be a change in religious practice as well.  Maybe we would be more concerned about helping people than building bigger buildings and focusing on entertainment.

So what would it take to make this a reality?  Is it possible for humanity to live like this?  Our track record would seem to indicate that it is not possible.  But why is that?  Any thoughts?  Or other changes we might see in our world?  I would be interested in discussing this with anyone at Rational Christianity.

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