Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Network is Down

As a person who has become highly dependent on the network to do his job, these are just about the worst words I can hear; at least in relation to the job.  I work part time, from home, as a manager for a contractor with a remote headquarters.  Just about 90% of what I do requires access to the internet as well as my companies local network.

This past weekend the company migrated its network from one service provider to another.  It was a move that had been long planned for and many people had spent countless hours preparing for the move.  At this point I don't know how well it did, or did not go.  Because my work provided laptop still cannot connect to anything.  After a day and a half with no email, I at least have that now, from my personal system, and can begin to do my job.  And tomorrow I will get to take my work laptop into the local office and attempt to get it on line there.  Maybe by days end tomorrow I will finally be back in business.

Computers, and the networks that connect them together have really become essential to many types of jobs.  They have also invaded our personal life in a big way.  I watched a TV show tonight that was streamed over the internet directly to the TV.  My cell phone connects to a Network Extender that acts like a small cell tower in my living room, and connected to the internet.  Most of the news I read comes over the internet.  I download books over the internet onto my Kindle to read.  And then there's email, Facebook, this blog, as well as nearly everything I do for work.

When the network is down, my life is really disrupted.  And how sad is that; really!  I've got to get off this computer for a while.  Right after I get this blog published.  And after I check Facebook one more time.  Probably should also make a last check of my email and maybe see what is happening in the world.  Then it's time to disconnect, head off to bed, and get ready for another wired day tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see how well I fare come August and a month on the trail with minimal computer access.  It may well be more than I can handle!

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