Monday, April 9, 2012

Rational Christianity

Is Christianity rational?  I have debated this point with lots of folks over the past few years.  And there is a wide divergence of opinion as to whether it is or not.  The dictionary defines rational as "agreeable to reason; reasonable; sensible".  It also defines reason as "to think or argue in a logical manner.  to form conclusions, judgments or inferences from facts or premises."  Christianity is rational if it is based on facts, makes sense, and is coherent.

So is Christianity rational?  I believe that it is.  That it is based on reality, it is internally coherent and that it is a superior world view to any other.  Some of you reading this will agree with my assessment.  And others are laughing at what they view as the absurdity of the claim.

For those of you on either side of the debate, as well as those who are searching for an answer to this question, I would like to invite you to join with me in discussing this question, and related ones, on Rational Christianity.  Rational Christianity is a discussion forum that is open to anything related to Christianity.  This is actually a second start for the forum.  Some of the original content has been retained, but it is mostly a fresh start.

You will have to join the group to be able to participate, although you can freely read anything posted without joining.  Feel free to start new topics or participate in existing topics.  Ask questions, make supportable claims, challenge a position, or defend a position.  Or just read and learn.

Any viewpoint is welcome, whether it comes from a Christian background, atheist or something else all together.  The only requirement is that you be respectful in your presentation and not vulgar.  Posts that are insulting, use profanity or not related to the debate will be removed.  The intent of this is to keep the debate on topic and non-threatening to all who choose to participate.

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