Sunday, April 8, 2012

He Is Risen Indeed

Today is Easter, the day that Christians all over the world celebrate our risen Lord.  Jesus, put to death on a Roman cross and buried in a tomb, rose to life again on the third day.

I celebrate Easter because it reminds me that I serve a Lord who is alive, who has conquered death.  And because he conquered death, I can have assurance that death is not the final act for me either.  Someday this body I wear will cease to function.  But the hope I have in the resurrection persuades me that my life does not end with the passing of this body.  But I will live and walk with Him through eternity.

Today is a good day to remember what Jesus has done for us.  Take the time to meditate on his death and resurrection, and what it means, or can mean, for you.  And take the time to celebrate, along with me, a risen and living Lord.

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