Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2012 OBA Men's Retreat

The OBA Men's Retreat was this past weekend at the Island Lake camp north of Bremerton.  There were about 35 of us in attendance this year and we were treated to a great weekend.  Those who did not make it missed out.  The camp can easily hold two to three times as many guys and is as centrally located as anyplace in the association.

Dr Mark Bradley, director of the Northwest campus of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary was our speaker.  Dr Bradley led us through a four part study entitled "The Pursuit of Christ", dealing with Christ's pursuit of us and the response we should make to that pursuit.  The last couple of sessions were especially meaningful to me as it moved into the practical arena of our daily lives, where the rubber meets the road.  Dr Bradley was a very good communicator and not afraid to deal with the issues men face.  I enjoyed the opportunity to visit with him a couple of times between sessions.

The worship team this year was outstanding.  I thought they had been together for some time, but apparently they had only had a single rehearsal before the retreat.  But the four very accomplished musicians worked well together and led us in at least 30 minutes of worship in music to open each of the four sessions.  I think they would be well worth inviting to your church for a concert sometime.

There were several recreational opportunities available, although I did not personally take advantage of them.  Those who did though seemed really to enjoy the experience.  There was an organized 'High Ropes Challenge', and a MotoX course that several of the guys participated in Friday afternoon.  There was also time for ping pong, basketball and disk golf, or just sitting around visiting and getting to know new people.

The Island Lake camp is a nice facility.  It is quite scenic and sits on a lake.  It was close enough to home that I spent both nights in my own bed, but the mattresses there seemed soft enough.  The dining experience was family style with more than enough food, and while not gourmet quality, it was more than good enough.  The staff was attentive and eager to help.

All in all it was a good experience.  My thanks to Michael Koontz for organizing and leading the event this year.  Hopefully this will go on next year as well.  Plan on coming then and joining us for a relaxing but spiritually challenging weekend.

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