Monday, March 26, 2012

Jesus: Wanted Dead, or Alive?

The Sunday school class I attend is currently studying the gospel of Luke and spent time with the birth of Jesus a couple of weeks ago.  During that study we read and talked about the shepherds reaction to the announcement of the angels, not just then, but in the years to follow.  Somehow in this discussion the thought struck me concerning our response to him now.

Do I act as though Jesus was alive and involved in my life?  Or do I act as though he were dead and not a part?  Now of course as a Christian I am going to claim the first; he is alive and he is active in my life. But is that really how I act?

If I really see Jesus as living and interested in who and what I am, would it not affect my life, make me different than I would be otherwise?  I believe so.  I would be spending time with him, getting to know him and his purpose for me.  I would be looking to discover what it is that he wants me to be and to do.

If I do not see Jesus as alive and interested, then I am much more likely to live my life the way I think it should be.  I would not spend any time talking with him or seeking direction from him; after all, he is not around to talk with.  I would be in charge of my own life and making of it what I think best.

So which is it?  Do I see him as alive, or as dead?  And maybe an even better question would be; do I want him to be alive, or to be dead.  Do I want to know him and surrender to him?  Or do I want to live my life my own way, without any interference from him?

I must confess that too often I prefer him as a dead lord, one who does not have any claim on me, leaving me alone to do what I want.  Lord Jesus, be alive and living within me.  Let me get to know you as my living Lord and Savior.

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