Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2011 Olympics Traverse

I have plans to do a nearly 200 mile hike later this summer and felt the need to get out and get some serious miles on the trail first.  Plus, I just enjoy being out in the woods with nothing to do but walk and think.  The biggest problem so far to this has been the snow pack in the mountains and the cool wet weather we have been having this summer.  But this past weekend promised to at least be warm and sunny so I decided to reverse a trip I had made a few years ago with a couple of friends.  That trip started at the Dosewallips road washout and ended up at the North Fork Quinault trail head.  It is a trip that is a bit shy of 60 miles and had taken us 7 days to complete, at least in part because of heavy loads (close to 60 pounds) and blisters.  The goal this time was for a swifter trip across, planning on only 4 days and only carrying half as much.