Sunday, February 20, 2011

Surgery: A Big Adventure

I must admit that surgery was quite an adventure, but one that I do not look forward to ever having to experience again.  I have heard from lots of people who have had surgery, and read about it some, but nothing quite prepares one for the actual experience.  Monday started at 2AM with a mandated shower and double wipe down with a MRSA disinfectant, along with no food or fluid.  Report in time was at 5:30 but, being who I am, I got there at 4:50 and got to wait around for someone to show up and check me in.  Highlights of the pre-op experience included the poofy robe and winning the blood pressure contest.  Because of the length of the surgery I got to wear a warming robe.  It has a hose that connects to it and circulates warm or cold air through the body of the robe.  Made me look kind of chunky but it was warm.  Blood pressure was a bit of a problem throughout this whole process.  It started off low (somewhere in the neighborhood of 110/55) and never got higher.  That was impressive to the folks checking me in but in the hours and days after surgery when it was dropping to 95/39 it got me a little extra attention.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Surgery Pre-Op

Surgery is now six days away and today was the day scheduled to get all of the pre-op stuff done.  Spent time with my surgeon as well as the admitting process at St. Joseph's.  My surgeon gave me a rundown on all of the things that would be taking place on the day of surgery as well as the following couple of weeks.  The admitting nurse also walked me through the preparations I will need to make to get ready for the surgery.  Since this is my first time for anything like this I have found it to be very interesting.